A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 74

Effort is overrated.  My dad used to tell us “Work smarter, not harder!”

Thoughts of conflict are artificial constructs that we’ve been taught have reality.  The truth is that there are no conflicts unless we create them.  We GIVE them reality. 

The trouble with that is once we start to hand over our power for love, for joy, to that darn little terrorist demon on our shoulder, he will by all that’s holy take ALL your power, ALL your energy, ALL your mind and he will feed you back the conflict, pain and hurt you started with until it’s unbearable.

How about trying the easier way, though?

How about using your power for creation to make positive change?

It DOES take effort at first.  Some days it’s a constant struggle.  But it is SO WORTH THE EFFORT!

Remind yourself that you have NO IDEA what was going on in that other persons’ head when they made that hurtful remark.

Remind yourself that your job is NOT to continually re-hash every thing that’s said to you today, looking for signs that someone else is trying to spread their pain around.

Ever see the movie “Barnyard”?  One scene is that classic set of lots of holes in the ground, and every time you look there’s a groundhog popping up out of a different hole.  The coyotes can’t catch them ’cause they just pop back down, then come up in a different hole. There are holes everywhere, it seems.

(Photo by mieneresterampe, courtesy of Pixabay)

Our negative thoughts can be just like those darn groundhogs, popping up when and where we least expect them.

If we keep whacking at them, we’ll eventually tire them out and BAM, that one will be gone for good.  That means one less sh**ty thought to deal with tomorrow.

Once we get rid of the darn things, the holes will fill in and eventually we have our lovely smooth lawn again.

Work smarter today.  

Pick one crappy thought out of the crowd and mash it into nothingness.

There.  One down, and a bunch to go.

It DOES get easier with practice.

Let your Easter Sunday be a day when you immerse yourself in the timeless river of love and contentment.  Let it all go.  Just be happy today. And if you DO have to whack a few negative thoughts, do it and let them go.

Have a blessed day today!


Photo by kirkandmimi, courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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