A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 75

Small changes add up to big deals.

If you change one habit (let’s say the habit of re-hashing  those conversations you had yesterday with your spouse) and stick with it, you’ll soon see a big difference in your relationship.

If you change the habit of watching TV for hours in the afternoon, and replace it with going outside for a walk, you’ll soon feel that big difference.

If you change the habit of expecting the worst from everyone around you, you’ll soon experience a change in what actually happens.

And if a small change in how you think can make a big difference, think of what big changes can do!

Start small.  Make a change, and stick with it.  Write it down every morning for 3 weeks, and remind yourself that you CAN change, and YOU are the only one who can change yourself.  

Maybe just tell yourself in the mirror each morning that “I AM  a good person, and I deserve every good thing the Universe can provide.”

 Try it.

Record it.

And look out!  Because once change gains some steam, the inertia may carry you far away from wherever you are now.  Once you begin to control your own thoughts, there’s no power that can stop you.

Claim your personal power.  It’s there, not even out of reach.  Just put your hand out and grasp it gently.  Bring it close, and keep it next to your heart.  You’ll be astounded at how much true power you have, once you decide to take it.

Open your mind’s window and let in some fresh air and sunshine.  And enjoy today!

Photo by TimHill, courtesy of Pixabay

Have a blessed day today!

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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