A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 15

Be suspicious.  Very suspicious.  That whiny, snarky, rude and obnoxious voice in your head?
Don’t trust that one.

Here’s the thing:  There’s actually another voice in there, too.  But it’s the “still, small voice” that I remember hearing about in Sunday school, many years ago.

It’s not loud.  It’s not pushy.  It’s not at all critical, of you or anyone else.  It’s the teeny tiny sound of immense love and acceptance.

But that small sweet voice is usually drowned out by that loud, critical, smart-ass voice.  And the more you listen (to whichever one you choose), the more you focus on that view of the world, and the more of that side you see.

That smart-ass  may be kinda funny.  In a snarky way.  But that voice does NOT have your best interest in mind.

It’s like a story I remember about a guy who had a tiny angel on one shoulder, and a tiny devil on the other.  And they both were trying to get him to do something.  

The devil was busy trying to convince him to do something that sorta sounded okay, but wasn’t.  And the angel wanted him to do what was right.

Which one was louder?  Yep.  The devil.

Your head is just like that.

Which voice are you going to focus on today?

Look around yourself and repeat at least three times today “My thoughts are images that I have made.”

“This cup of coffee, this computer, this chair that I’m sitting in, these are all thoughts I’ve made.”

 You don’t have to believe it.  Just say it.

And have a fabulous day!

Photo by MabelAmber  courtesy of Pixabay

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